Hello to the Bee Keeping group

K2K have received a grant to help set up a bee keeping project and help pay for training,hives etc.

If enough of us sign up to the training we could get it done locally and on site

So now that we've got the grant  we need some keen volunteers  to help set up and organise  the project .

We will need to find a site, there is a potential one in Willesden cemetry or you may know of another one ? or you may be happy to host a beehive?

Please let me know if any of you would like to take this further,it will be a great opportunity and way of sharing knowledge and learning, very transition!!!

you can email me at





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Well... after a lot of negotiating, a change of cemetery management and a long but successful hunt for a mentor we have a site, a mentor named Stephane, and some bees ordered for April. Have a look at the events page and come along to the site preparation day if you're free. Once the hives are actually in place in the Spring we'll be organising some open days in the summer. That's when you can come along, get kitted up and see what it's actually like to take the lid off a hive and check out what goes on inside for yourself. The adventure begins!
Hi, whats the update on the traning? Do you know when it will take place? I would really like to sign up for this...

Hi Shiva,

We aren't actually doing training as such, as we aren't sufficiently experienced. However, the apiary is established in Paddington cemetery (see 'Bees in the cemetery' discussion) and people are welcome to come along to the hive inspections which are at 10 on Sundays. While key people are away in the summer the routine is a bit disrupted but you can e-mail me on d.maxwellyoung@btinternet.com to check.


For actual training courses you should get in touch with any local beekeeping association as they run the best ones. If you go to the British beekeeping Association website you'll find some information, other wise try North London Beekeeping association, or the one we were trained by which is Harrow Beekeeping association. The course are generally in the Spring, but have a look at what's on offer.


I've been keeping bees for just over a year with a hive at the Ealing and District Beekeepers Association, a very knowledgeable and supportive group.

I'd be interested in keeping a beehive or two with the group and helping out with others.

Is Sunday at 10 o'clock the best way to meet the group ?



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