I was chatting to someone from TT Wimbledon the other day about trying to get in touch with people looking for an allotment in Brent to tell them about all the options we now have coming onstream. We wondered about asking the council to put an ad on their web page about allotments. Anyone think this is a good idea?

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Hello Mico,   I hope so, would be good turnaround.  However, when I got my 1st lot (many yrs ago with vacancies all over),  I was told after viewing empty site but one, "Will be 6 mos. before anyone can get down there to see the site".  I believe the head of Parks had to do it all then too because of no site mgr.   I ended up going further out away from home until I stumbled on a site with a resident mgr. and got my lot.  This is really for those who are waiting for a Brent lot.  I will see  you.   Bye,  Pearl


miko adam-kando said:

Hi Pearl,

we've been in contact with Brent recently with some positive feelings of change in the air, maybe you would like to come along to the next food group meeting ? see you Sunday!


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