I'd encourage everyone to pay a visit to our garden/allotment very soon - it's looking beautiful and there's plenty to see and enjoy.

[this is going to sound like football commentary, but..... ]

Flowering now are: chives, strawberries, catmint, and the apple tree of course

Looking luscious in the far bed are the chamomile and the lemon thyme.

Keep an eye on the borage as that's about to burst into bloom soon,

and when the sun is out there are always a few bees buzzing about.

A few weeks ago Michael and some new volunteers made a few interesting additions, including giant red Japanese mustard (tastes like wasabi!), perennial broccoli, salad burnett and salsify, amongst others..... (purchased from Edible Landscapes London in Finsbury Park)

Last week we had a group of young children from the Swiss Cottage Special Needs school come down to have a look at the garden (and the trains). They may get involved in planting later in the year.

Hope to see you all soon.

PS: If you're not planning to go anywhere by tube soon, speak to the duty person at the gate, and let them know you're one of our group. They'll let you go and take a peek up on the platform.

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