Dear Beekeepers

My 2 year old son has recently been diagnosed with a severe allergy to grass.  It is giving him horrific ecszma and itchy eyes.  It has been suggested that I give him honey from local bees.  I wanted to ask if you sell the honey from the bees in Paddingotn Cemetary?  They couldnt be more local!!  We walk the dog past them every day and live bang next door! 

looking forward to ghearing from you and huge thanks Mels Wilkinson

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Hi Mels,

We didn't have any honey this year but I can ask the other local beekeepers who I'm in touch with, I can see if they have any of this year's crop for sale. If you send me your mobile number I'll give you a call if any of them say yes. Next year we should be able to help, but this year the colony wasn't well enough establish to produce a harvest. bw David

Huge thank you David, you are amazing.  my mobile is 07770 440 239.  I shall look forward to hearing from you and really appreciate your time  mels x


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