Great idea. How about putting together a collection of old photographs of the area too?

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Great idea Mark to call for photos of old Kensal to Kilburn as part of the Honouring our Elders project!  Started trawling the archives too to see what they have.... any volunteers to do the same would be welcome!  We can post them on this site....

Perhaps a posting on Streetlife would get some replies, although some off-line places might be good too. Do you know if there is anyone who could coordinate things? I'm happy to ask around and help sort etc. Getting them printed up might make a nice little exhibition.

I don't know Streetlife Mark.  Tell me more...  I really like the idea of the photos of Kilburn to Kensal from the 1960s and before.... Can we broadcast this on this website?  And so good to know you would be happy to ask around and sort etc.... I have an appointment to meet 2 people from Brent Council who do the oral history and heritage work there.  Have you had a look at their archives? They are searchable on line - but have not had a systematic look for photos from this time period.  


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