I am managing a Low Carbon Zone project in Westminster.  The project
is aimed at working with the local community in the Wesminster ward of
Queens Park (basically between Kilburn Lane, Harrow Road and Fernhead
Road) to reduce emissions from tranpsort and buildings and to promote
green lifestyles generally.

As part of this, I am hoping to set up a programme to promote cycling
in the area and am working with the Paddington Development
Trust/Queens Park Forum to put in a bid to the Community Cycling Fund
for London.  Our basic goals are to:
*        increase awareness of cycling and opportunities for people to
cycle (e.g. through working with non-cycling groups to arrange cycling
*        increase bike ownership/access to bikes (e.g. through loaning
pool bikes and improved bike storage in estates and overcrowded
*        promote the image of cycling (basically showing cycling is a
fun, healthy and everyday activity)
*        connect individuals/groups to the existing support/funding for
cycling (largely signposting to free bike training, info on maps,
bikes on tubes, etc.)
*        become self-sufficient - setting up local Bike User Group,
getting people qualified to maintain the pool bikes, training people
to train others to ride bikes

One of the main ideas is to set up a Queens Park BUG which would
*        Support to novice groups e.g. helping to organise social rides
with Over 50s, a local Bangladeshi women's group, Active Family
groups, religious groups and others
*        Events around bike week or a feeder ride to the Skyride
*        Bodies to man cycle stands at events e.g. cyclists breakfasts
*        One to one support in the form of bike buddies
*        Focus for ongoing projects when my Low Carbon Zone project and
the CCFfL money runs out

I was wondering if TTK2K's transport group could help in setting up a BUG
in Queens Park Or is this reinventing the wheel?  Would TTK2K be able to
provide some sort of letter of support for the funding application?

I'd be grateful if someone could get in touch to discuss further,

Tim Starley-Grainger
07905 733531

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