I just found out about a community group that's been around since autumn 2012.  I think it'd be great if Transition Willesden worked with the Willesden Green Team to see how we could partner and maximize our collective abilities and impact.

Check out their website: http://willesdengreenteam.co.uk/

I've sent them an email to sign myself up and hope to attend their next meeting if I'm able. They recently had an event 15th Nov. where they unveiled that amazing cat mosiac opposite the Willesden Green tube station.  Their next group meeting isn't listed, but I will pass along if I learn when it is.

As someone fairly new to Willesden Green community groups, I think an important thing we can do to make sure folks are aware of these groups, and also to ensure groups with similar aims aren't working separately or at cross-purposes, is to have some sort of central hub which links all the various groups together.  I know Transition Willesden acts as somewhat of a hub, but I'm wondering if the Town Team might as well, or could be linked with Transition Willesden. 

Are there any links between the two already?  Do the groups ever join together?  If anyone on this site is involved with the Town Team, please also let me know. 

Thanks so much!



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Hi Michelle

Thanks for your thoughts.  There are no formal links between us and the Town Team, though some of us have been to their meetings and events previously, and were involved in the making of the mosaic.  Elayne Coakes who chairs the Town Team is also a member of Transition Willesden. 

We recently publicised on our newsletter about their project:

Willesden Green Town Team Veg growing project

The project is now raising funds to build veg growing plots to work with kids on Willesden High Rd and Dollis Hill tube station. If you donate a Tenner to the local giving site then they give us an extra Tenner in return!  See localgiving.com/fundraising/kids-grow-veggies
Yes there is certainly potential for some joint working.  We haven't had the scope to explore that fully, partly as we have not done very much as a Transition group this year (apart from our fruit harvesting) as we are looking for new members to join our own Core Group.  If you're interested pls get in touch!  We're also happy if you'd like to liaise between the Town Team and Transition.
Many thanks,


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