Present: Urmi, Viv, Marjory

Minutes: Marjory


Wildflower Planting – Agreed to keep this idea on the back burner until we have someone who can take the lead.

Website – The Transition Willesden web address is now directed to the KTK site

Room booking at St Mungo’s – Marjory will ask St Mungo’s if we can book their kitchen again for workshops etc.

MAPESBURY  RESIDENTS  ASSOCIATION  (MAPRA) - Viv and Urmi ran a stall at the MAPRA AGM. It was a successful event with about 300 people attending.  It was beneficial having the banner and leaflet.  10 People signed up for our mailing.

TOWN TEAM -Viv has had no contact since the recent meeting.

PUBLICITY – Chris has designed one logo. The leaflet and logo can be uploaded to the website.

WELSH  HARP – Viv will submit a response to the proposal. The deadline is on Tuesday.

FINANCE - £5.08 to be paid for printing of leaflets. The bank account has been opened with £100. Urmi will check that the grant for the fruit harvesting has been paid into the KTK account.



AGM/PUBLIC MEETING -  agreed to hold on Tuesday 4 June.  The AGM  will commence of a  brief review of the year’s events followed by a short finance report. The positions of chair, treasurer and secretary  are open for election.  The AGM will be followed by a meeting on Green Energy. Some speakers have confirmed .  The speakers  will have 15 minutes each to present with time for questions at the end. We hope to use Electric House as a venue but need to confirm by early next week so mailing can be sent out.  Urmi will ask someone to take notes/minutes.  Urmi will bring juice, cups, biscuits etc. Our new leaflet can be distributed with the posters.

GLADSTONBURY  FESTIVAL  STALL  30 JUNE 12– 7pm– Viv has applied for a stall under FOE at a cost of £24.00. We will share with two other groups. Viv will look into whether we can apply for a second table. (Update second table ok, so our share is £10) Marjory suggested “Guess How Many Bayleaves Are in A Jar”  which would generate discussion about food waste/fruit harvesting etc  and supplement our mailing list. We agreed to provide a prize of around £15.00. Viv may also have access to books which could be used as a prize. Urmi  will check if she can provide a gazebo in case weather is poor.

FRUIT   HARVESTING – Liam provided a summary of last year’s harvest. Viv will send out a message with a summary of the recent meeting and details of the next fruit harvesting group meeting . The meeting is likely to be in June. The mailing list may need to be reviewed.

COMMUNITY   DIRECTORY – Viv said that we could be included in a Brent online directory. We agreed  not to pursue this as it would involve listing personal contact details. Urmi suggested we ask other community groups to have Transition Willesden as a link on their websites.

AOB – Viv will send mailing out tomorrow.

New sign ups to receive a welcome email

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 20 June @ 12.30 at Viv’s

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