Present: Viv, Urmi (Minutes), Marjory, Sarah Deco

Minutes from last meeting/matters arising

  • We welcome Sarah Deco to the core team.

  • St Mungo’s kitchen – Marjory informed us that we'd be able to hire the kitchen, but via senior manager. He is not on site and we've not been able to contact him. We might need to look elsewhere.

  • Town team – Elayne Coates from the Town team has been in touch regarding planters outside Sainsbury’s. There are also now planters in in Willesden Green near the tube station.

  • AGM – there were about 20 people, 3 new signups. We need to communicate the offer from Joju Solar to our membership. ACTION Urmi to clarify with Joju and communicate with membership.


  • Current balance is £145. At the AGM we spent £53.28, and took £22.21 (donations for books and refreshments)

  • Urmi asked whether public liability insurance would be needed for Gladstonbury. We understand that as we are joining Brent FoE on their stall and they are insured for this, we would be covered.

  • Generally, it might be possible to get more general insurance with the Fruit Harvesting cover. ACTION Viv is to look at what K2K do for this.

  • Bank account is now open.


  • The list of places which take posters has been revised, ACTION Viv will update it.

  • ACTION Viv will get 100 leaflets printed for Gladstone park.

  • ACTION Urmi will put us on the Transition Network, and Viv will put us on the London hub, MapRA, NW2 and Town Team sites

  • ACTION Viv will follow up with Chris on the further resources needed in addition to the logo.

  • ACTION Urmi will write a welcome message to send to the new signups.

  • The group fed back on the format of our mailings, requesting fewer words, and Transition stuff at the top. Viv will produce the next mail. The Joju offer will have its own mail.

Future Events

  • Sarah felt it would be good to have regular events, perhaps monthly e.g. re-instate coffee mornings, do local meals, or local walks.

  • Gladstonbury – we have a 1.5m table, 3m pitch to share. We will cover 12-4pm. Viv will bring banner, books, signup sheet, leaflets. Marjory will bring bay leaves. Urmi will bring gazebo.

Fruit Harvesting

  • The meeting was to have been today, but needs to be rescheduled.


  • Next core group meeting date 23 July

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