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The Harlesden Town Garden project was started in March 2013. The main aim was to improve the green space located at Challenge Close, St Mary's Road and create an accessible and inclusive urban facility that will enable and promote community cohesion and contribute to improving local biodiversity.

The Friends of Harlesden Town Garden along with LIFT and the new Park Coordinator and Gardening Trainer will support and guide volunteers and the local community to develop the physical transformation of the park, and ensure the project will provide a greater knowledge and understanding of environmental issues as well as conveying a passion for community development and well-being through the use of a public garden.

The Harlesden Town Gardens key aim is to deliver the project in a way that will lead to new and exciting volunteering and engagement opportunities.  Disadvantaged people will build their skills, confidence, well-being and employability.   Community members who have lacked access to local green space and have been concerned about anti-social behaviour will feel safer, more connected to other local people, and better able to engage in outdoor activities near their home and feel there is an outdoor space that belongs to them – where they can garden, meet with neighbours, exercise, learn about nature, or just enjoy being in a quiet green space. 

By becoming involved in the design, development and implementation of rejuvenating the park, local residents will also learn more about the importance of biodiversity and food growing and the steps they can take to achieve that in their own homes.  By that we hope to contribute to outcomes such as the consumption of fresh produce and in turn create a reduction in food related carbon emissions and an increase in individuals eating a healthier diet and improving overall health.



  • Promoting the health and well-being of all the residents of the area
  • Involving local people and supporting them, through training and guidance
  • Continuing the redevelopment of park facilities and infrastructure
  • Carrying out and promoting environmental improvements and conservation
  • Promoting sport, community recreation and play facilities
  • Working with similar groups and exchanging information

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