Residential Permaculture Course. Communities in Transition at Landmatters near Totnes.

Hi Everybody.....

Simeon here, I don't know if you remember me but quite a few years back I was loosely involved in K2K.
My family and I used to run Green Kensal, the shop on College Rd.
Anyway to cut a long story short for the last few years we have been experimenting with all kinds of sustainable living methods.... after much searching and traveling both in the UK and abroad we have finally settled here at a Permaculture community called Landmatters
in the South Hams of Devon, nr Totnes.
Thought this Permaculture course our community is putting on may be of some interest to some of you transitioners. It's the most amazingly inspirational place and a central aspect of the course is communities in transition.....please take a minute to read about it below...
Love and Light
Simeon Warburton.

       Landmatters Community

                Permaculture Project

Landmatters Hosts a Permaculture Design Course


Permaculture and Communities in Transition

                        Landmatters Cooperative,
                        Allaleigh, nr Totnes, Devon

(90 hours over two weeks)
15th – 29th August 2015
(starts Saturday 15th at 5pm, finishes Saturday 29th at 6.30pm/Departure Sunday morning)
Tutors: Aranya with Sharon Dismore & guests
Dwelling and garden at Landmatters
Permaculture is about solutions. There are plenty of things to worry about, but permaculture helps you to focus on the things that you can do to make a difference.”
Andy Goldring
Come and find out how….
This practical course will bring the possibility of significant and positive life changes. Although permaculture is most commonly thought about in connection with gardening & farming, its principles, ethics and design methods can be adapted and used in each individual’s own work, interests and home to bring about a more harmonious & sustainable lifestyle. Permaculture offers a perspective on all aspects of building a sustainable future. Permaculture encourages us to use our individual skills, knowledge and interests, whilst drawing on traditional wisdom, science and our innate ability to observe and learn from the world around us.
Landmatters round houseCourse participants will be awarded the Permaculture Association (Britain)’s internationally recognised Certificate in Permaculture Design.
Landmatters is a rural permaculture co-operative in South Devon, living on 42 acres of pasture and semi-natural ancient woodland, with some naturally regenerating scrub and ancient hedgerows. The land is stewarded by 12 adults and 8 children living in low-impact structures, mostly benders and yurts, and is totally off-grid. We grow food, keep goats, hens and ducks, manage the woodlands, work communally, run educational events, car share, and use consensus decision-making and Way of Council, with the aim of creating a thriving, ecological community. We are a Permaculture Association LAND demonstration site and a member of the Permaculture Association.Click here for location maps
Learning outcomes:
  • To observe patterns in nature & apply what we learn to create guiding principles.
  • To use permaculture ethics, principles & design tools to create sustainable systems.
  • To understand the importance of caring for soil & water, & to know techniques for doing so.
  • To start using permaculture in your own life, towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • To understand how to apply permaculture design to both land-based & non-land-based systems.
Subjects covered:
Spirals of erosion & points of intervention ~ Boundaries & limiting factors ~ Observation skills ~ Site surveying ~ Permaculture ethics & principles ~ Design methods ~ Soil conservation, types, texture & factors in fertility ~ Green manures & dynamic accumulators ~ Kitchen gardening ~ Integrated pest management ~ Water & sewage treatment ~ Fruit tree growing ~ Agroforestry & Forest gardening ~ Trees & their Microclimates ~ Permaculture & future generations ~ Patterns in nature ~ Food choices ~ Ecological footprinting ~ Sustainable economics ~ Urban permaculture ~ Green architecture ~ Bioregionalism ~ Non-land based design ~ Accelerated learning techniques ~ Seed saving & plant propagation ~ The Permaculture Association & Diploma WorkNet ~ Where next? & lots more……
Large teaching yurt at Landmatters
We use group work, discussions, videos, slide shows, observation, guided walks & practical activities as learning methods. These are supportive of different learning styles & for people with learning difficulties. We will also be visiting other projects where permaculture theory is being put into action. Planned site visits include trips to Transition Town Totnes, and the Agroforestry Research Trust, where Martin Crawford’s will show us around the best known forest garden in Britain.
Design courses are not just about imparting information to the students, there is plenty of knowledge out there, the important thing is knowing how to use this & feeling confident to do so.
Landmatters ducks
Empowerment is the essence of the course. We will be using practical and theoretical teaching methods to create a fun, lively & inclusive course. The course culminates in the main design activity that helps to consolidate all of the learning & empower students to take permaculture back into their own homes, lives & community. As a group we will benefit from collaborative learning & from having fun together. We don’t expect any previous knowledge & recognise that everyone has their own unique skills, knowledge & areas of interest to bring to the course.
Earth oven
Please note: This is one of the last PDC courses in Britain before the International Permaculture Convergence, in September in London.  Because the Convergence requires PDC certification as an entry requirement, we are expecting this course to be fully booked.  Please therefore apply early if you are intending to join us.
Rate: £680; this includes facilitation, course materials, Permaculture Association Britain PDC certificate, vegetarian food (much grown on-site) and camping (bring your own tent).Participants also have the opportunity to purchase from a wide selection of permaculture books at a discounted price.
For more details please contact:
Sharon: 07833 938536 or email
Salads     Landmatters gatewayGolden Guernsey goats
Our mailing address is:
Landmatters Permaculture Co-op
Allaleigh, England TQ9
United Kingdom

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