Willesden Fruit Harvesters hosted a Chutney Workshop in October to give the chutney time to be ready for the Christmas holidays.  I held the workshop at my house and Vendy led things.  We chose a gorgeous recipe full of traditional Christmas flavours like cranberries and clementines, courtesy of Nigella:


Mairin, Lucy and Daphne joined us.  We peeled, cored and chopped apples we'd picked from local trees, including from the Big Pick at Fryent Country Park, as well as made an apple crumble that baked while the chutney was simmering away.  The resulting chutney tasted amazing, but took much longer to make than anticipated, so it ended up being quite a late evening.  Biscuits and tea helped carry us through, as well as the slice of crumble with custard at the end. We really appreciate the ladies for hanging in there.  Lesson learned that chutney is much better for weekend workshops!

We ended up making about 25 jars of varying sizes.  Participants each got 2 plus first dibs on purchasing extra, and we sold the rest at the Gladstone Park Primary School Market.

Vendy and I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting and sharing the evening with the attendees.  Look out for more workshops in 2017.

Pictures below!



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