There's a 3 weekend beekeping course in Queens Park if anyone is interested.

Sunday August 4th, 11th and 18th - starting at 2pm
For more information please contact or

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I would love to attend but I will be on holiday for all of august...what a shame...

Hi Jenna,Harrow Bee Keepers Association (you can find them on the web) do formal courses. That's where everyone involved in the cemetery bees got started. Or you can come along to have an informal introduction once it's warm enough to do hive inspections in Paddington Cemetery (Willesden Lane) which will be April/ May. We have spare suits for that very purpose. April/ May is when we start doing regular visits again. The bees cluster and do nothing in the winter to conserve heat, so you don't open the hive up as it makes them cold. When the Queen starts laying in the spring it all gets busy again.


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