I have engaged an architect to enhance the energy efficiency of our Victorian mid-terrace. The biggest limitations on the project are firstly that the house is in the Queen's Park Conservation area, and secondly my budget. The architect thinks we could achieve AECB Silver standard. If anyone wants to know more, please contact me.

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We've almost finished insulating/draught-proofing our home in Kilburn (partly inside, partly outside - radical). Makes a big difference. But it costs. No idea about this AECB thing. I might look into all that when we're fully done. Architect = loadsamoney: tread with caution. Your Victorian house was not designed or built with longevity or insulation in mind, so retrofitting is always going to be a compromise between what you aspire to do and what the realities (damp, movement, planning officers....) allow you to do. Would love to chat about this further. What's the protocol for doing so on this website?

Dear Will

to reply individually you have to be a "Friend", and I sent you a Friend request but you have not responded yet. I would be very interested to talkto you about your work on the house.

Hi Matthew - any progress on your project?

The builders are in. I hope they will finish sometime in August. So far it has been mostly demolition and making good, where the structural engineer dictates. They poured the concrete floor a week or so ago and from now on it should be mostly creation rather than destruction.

Will Mowat said:

Hi Matthew - any progress on your project?


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