I've been looking at our site and one of the things that's irking me a bit is the mess inside the Groups page - it looks as if all the groups have chosen really weird little scrappy images to represent them.
I'd like to improve them over the next few months so they're clear and zingy like the one for Comms.
I'm thinking along these lines:
  • a nicer graphic of a bike for transport
  • a person reading for book group
  • someone throwing paper with recycling logo on it into a bin for waste
  • someone supporting a group for the initiating group or something even more inspiring
  • a house or sun for buildings and energy
  • a group of smiling faces for the default group icon
  • a calendar for events
  • other regular events like green drinks and film nights could also get a symbol

These could all be bright, individual colours for each group

What do you think?

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