Great pick today with children and passers by! 42kg from tree at the Freud Museum in Hampstead. Smoothies and jam will be made - perhaps jam for QP day. An American couple had turned up early for the museum and having been initially disappointed at having to wait an hour they soon joined us on the pick.  The wife Helen took loads of photos and it turns out she's actually a photographer, and said she'd send me them.  Also a Japanese girl turned up early for the museum and joined in too - she lives in Hampstead and is going to email us and join the group - it was funny to have the Japanese girl join us as we were suddenly a half-Japanese group and I temporarily learnt the word for 'more!' when they enthusiastically called for more shaking :-)


I had such a lovely time harvesting the plums.  I helped harvest the plum tree outside Kilburn Police Station last week and had a great time.   Made jam from most of my plums which I hope will be sold on Queens Park Day.  Maybe Tania told you that several passers by joined in - including two police officers!! Can't believe that the tree is outside our old house.  We lived at 1 Dudley Rd. for l6 years. I remember it well. It was quite small when we lived there. Then Leo Johnson, passing, also gave a hand. Rebecca mentioned an apricot in Ledbury Road. Passers by who helped took plums as did a woman who lived opposite. Leo took a load to make plum brandy, possibly, Rebecca and Jean are jam making."

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