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Please post here food group meeting agenda items, thanks,


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plant sale to raise money towards tiverton green?
from michael

Agenda item: use of green recycling bins
Queens Park day
saving produce for harvest festival
supplying the cafe in queens park (and elsewhere?) with produce from veg plot(s?) ?
leaflet "huts" on poles to put leaflets at growing sites

A couple of agenda items:

Can you mention the Kensal to Kilburn Vision2030 event happening at St Anne's church on 22nd Sept.  We will be holding an AGM for the Transition Town at the beginning, and then using the evening to run a workshop to create a vision of this area in 20 years time - should be fun!


I like this idea.  I notice that BEST eleven streets residents association got a grant from the council's neighbourhood working fund for some community notice boards...

miko adam-kando said:
leaflet "huts" on poles to put leaflets at growing sites


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