I'm very new to this ning thing and apologise if this question has been asked and answered several times!  Is it possible to have event alerts emailed to me instead of having to check back at the website? I can see thay by joining a group I can get updated on the group activity via email but is this possible for news that is relevant to the whole Transition Kensal to Kilburn network?  Looking at all the great photos on this website there seem to be some great events to go to and I don't want to miss any!



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Hi. Not part of the web team but I think I've managed to set my e-mail alerts by:

Login> Click on 'My Page'> Select "Settings" (towards the top right of 'My Page')> On Settings select the link Left hand to 'e-mail'> The page comes up lets you select differnt option - switch on and off by clicking on the selction buttons and then scroll down to the bottom and 'Save'.

Apologies if there is another easier route but that works Ok for me.
Hi Simon and Jen,

I just took a look at the settings page and unfortunately it seems you can't get an automatic alert about a new event being created on the site. The only thing it will do is tell you if somebody else replies to an event you might've created yourself.

I'm on the Kensal-Kilburn web team, working to create a new home for us in K2K so we'll add this in as a feature we'd perhaps like to see - you're right Jen, it would be quite handy to know when a new event has been announced.

Perhaps for now, we could start up a more regular update email alert to all our members. How often would you like to see this? Would once a week (perhaps on a Thursday afternoon/Friday morning in time for the weekend) be good for you?
Hi Chris,

That sounds great. I think a weekly digest type email would be good.



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