Hi All

I have just joined up and am keen to know more about what's happening locally and to get involved. I live in kensal rise, am a pretty commited environmetalist (i think it's fair to say) and work in the field of environmental sustainability and climate change. I'd be interested to come along to the next meeting to find out more - please let me know how best to proceed...


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Hi Dan - Welcome on board!!
Best ways of getting involved are to come to one of our regular events and say hello. We have a film night on 18th Nov at the Lexi - and we'll have an open meeting after at the Constitution club. There will be a stall at the Farmer's market next Sunday (15th) and we are always looking for volunteers to help run awareness raising events. If you miss the film night, Green Drinks is on the last Tuesday of every month. I don't know how much you know about Transition already, but its a good idea to have a look at the handbook, and we are shortly going to be launching a Transition Handbook Bookclub...
Looking forward to meeting you,
Hi George - thanks - will try to get to the film night next week.


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