This is from a colleague of mine, and I wanted to pass it on. I think its quite an inspirational film... George

.. a surprising highlight of the conference was a keynote speech from Lewis Gordon Pugh, an environmentalist, explorer and swimmer…. he was talking about his 1km swim (just in swim trunks!) in the North Pole to raise awareness about the ice melting, and concerns about biodiversity. He was using it to inspire and encourage people to tackle the issue of climate change, encouraging people not to get discouraged by the scale of the challenge, but instead to think in terms of

Breaking up the task into manageable steps/actions
Imagine you are at the start of your life, and think about where you are now, and what has been achieved so far
Imagine you are at the end of your life, and look back, and consider what legacy you want to leave

.. he spoke and then showed a video….

….. it was all very emotional, many people were near tears. It was very inspiring and uplifting. Of course he now has a legion of SRI fans, ladies (and gentlemen!)

Anyway, here’s footage from youtube on his speech (c. 20mins, broadly similar to what he presented on, although he did it better at the conference, elaborating more on the issues and using other images) and the video. Listen to him talk first and then watch the video…. Its worth listening to….

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