Initiating Group minutes – Transition Kensal to Kilburn 18/07/11


Present – Elaine Henderson, Careen Hertzog, Michael Stuart, Chris Wells, John Smith, George Latham


  • John and Miko have both been talking about setting up a food box delivery scheme.  Miko is taking this forward and has set up a questionnaire on the website.
  • Chris was at the Transition Network conference in Liverpool at the beginning of July and fed back on some of his insights/ experiences there:
    • The global impact of the Transition movement was very clear at the conference with a visible presence from Brazil, New Zealand and Chile.  Apparently Transition groups were some of the first and most effective in the aftermath of the New Zealand earth quakes in February.
    • Chris met with David Wilcox who has written a Transition Game which might be of use at the AGM (where we plan to involve people in building the vision of our town in 2030.)
  • We would like to get the film nights going again.  John is investigating setting up a series of film nights to take place monthly over c6 months, starting after the Harvest Festival in October.  Considering different venues for this, including the Lexi, the Paradise, the Tricycle.
  • We plan to hold an AGM in early September at St Anne’s church on Salusbury Road.  We hope to make the event much more than just the formal processes of the meeting, including designing an exercise to involve people in building a vision of this neighbourhood in 20 years time.
  • Harvest Festival additional ideas: 
    • Name stickers to identify core members,
    • Ruth’s Boots,
    • David may be interested in being involved in storytelling,
    • Bruce’s collecting memories project?
  • Harvest Supper:
    • We will aim to set the ticket price at the start of August
    • Plan to get 20 volunteers to make crumble again
    • Crazy Baker on Harrow Road may be a source of bread
    • Need to engage with the Farmer’s Market.
  • Film of the Harvest events: John has emailed one of our number who is a film maker.
  • Newsletter:
    • Plan for next newsletter to be ready for QP day
    • John to send email asking for people to send in stories
    • The comms group meets on the last Monday of each month.

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