If you travel through Hyde Park there is a beautiful avenue of Sweet Chestnut trees (about a hundred) just north of the Rotten Row cycle path and just south of the Serpentine. They are ripe and ready. Take leather gloves for plucking them off the tree and roll the husks under foot to get the nuts out. I got a carrier bag full on Tuesday. The only other pickers were some Italian building workers in their lunch hour and the Serpentine geese are foraging too. Follow the geese for the trees where they are dropping of their own accord. Plenty for everyone right now.

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Comment by Candida de Melo on January 2, 2012 at 18:01

Happy New year    with many wishes for more activities to keep transition alive! ......Was very impressed with last talk on  solar electricity.....  please keep me posted.......Im looking for someone with organic /permaculture? gardening experience to join me/exchange   skills/guide me    in my garden in kensal rise ...  and  to produce/share harvest ...  Im particularly interested in growing  green/dark  vegetables/soft fruits/mushrooms.... I have planted in pots before and want to make the best of available space and impatient as Im to see the fruits (and veges!), of my labour ,  would love to work alongside someone  with more experience than myself  ...  bw.  Candida.....will get that photo up soon!    

Comment by David Young on October 3, 2011 at 8:33
If I could get serenaded by Frank that would probably be enough for me... but so long as that remains a tall order then soup is a good alternative. If you put 'chestnut and chorizo soup' into your search engine you'll find a good recipe. bw David
Comment by George Latham on October 2, 2011 at 20:41
What is good cooking with Sweet Chestnuts besides roasting them on an open fire (with Frank seranading in the background...)? George x

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