Here's to thee, old apple tree, Whence thou may'st bud And whence thou may'st blow! And whence thou may'st bear apples enow! Hats full! Caps Full! Bushel, bushel, sacks full! And my pockets full too! Hooray!

More than 80 people gathered in Willesden Green to continue an ancient tradition of blessing and celebrating apple trees on old twelfth night. Walking in procession behind a wassailing banner from Willesden Green tube to the library, we stopped frequently to sing and hear folk stories, led by 6 professional storytellers, musicians and singers. In a nod to modernity we also wassailed for the health of independent local businesses. The audience was a good mix of people from Transition Town, local resident associations, curious onstanders and especially Moishe House (from where Rachel Rose Reid brilliantly organised the event). Outside the library we planted a crab apple tree. Keeping fairly close to tradition we poured organic apple juice (for cider) over its roots, attached toast to its branches and shot party poppers (for shotguns) through its branches. Video of wassailing.jpg Photos: (video footage on bottom left picture) More photos:

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