Yes, let's start up a local campaign. What about getting the children from schools to design posters saying "Do you really need that plastic bag?" etc and asking the shops to put them up at their tills. I don't go to the supermarkets much but I went in this morning and they're still trying to give me a bag for one item, as if they've been trained to be helpful like this.

I was involved in campaigns 4 years ago (not in this area though) and it's sad to see that nothing's changed!! It's so irritating. I was asked to help with a brainstorm for Tesco's to design a cool reusuable bag they could market, three years ago, but it turned out they were only interested in doing this to compete with the Anya Hindmarsh Sainsbury's bag. For the making of my film I found out the policies of all the major supermarkets, but that would need to be done again as I expect they're out of date now. They're all talk but no action on the ground.
And of course, it's not just plastic bags- packaging etc too as we all know.

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