Our regular meeting venue is unavailable on the 1st of Dec. (our proposed next meeting date)

Can everyone please follow this link to vote for a preferred alternative date (options a few days either side of the 1st)




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Hi Sanchia! I put my preference on the Doodle. Couldn't be there last time but hope to be at the next one. Can I put and item on the agenda? It's to discuss starting a WorldWideWindowbox scheme (nothing ambitious then ...)


Hi Maggie,

We decided at our last meeting that the Dec one is going to be agenda-free - have a look at the minutes that Michael posted, we're doing soup, bread and a social evening. I've been waiting for people to vote for their preferred date before I created a meeting/event on the website, so spread the word if you can.

But hold the thought on your WWWBox (sounds interesting) and we can add it to the agenda for early next year.


Just confirmed Tuesday 6th Dec for out next meeting, which isn't a meeting, but a chance to chat and have some food. Hope to see you there.

Hi Sanchia,

Please could you confirm the venue for the meeting of 6th December?

I just signed in and am looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi Jeanne-Lyse,

For more details, follow this link to the 'event' I've created for this meeting (sorry, I meant to direct people once I'd set it up):


I've included a google map which I'm hoping will show the exact location of the venue, so please let me know if it doesn't work.




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