I only briefly mentioned at the last, very quiet, food group meeting, and Miko took up the challenge.I'm planting garlic at the Kilburn station allotments this coming Sunday, and it's now an official challenge.

I was hoping this could turn into a community-wide challenge and I'd love everyone that is able to, to give this a go and see what you come up with.

I was inspired by a story mentioned by Rob Hopkins at the launch of his new book, the Transition Handbook, where a community took over the local greengrocer but could only source wholesale garlic from China. They gave all customers a few cloves of garlic and offered to buy them back if they managed to grow some bulbs, resulting in a local garlic growing co-operative.

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I accept your challenge! Michael

Bring it on! Mwhahahahahaa! :) Miko.

Are we going for size or flavour? 

I thought it would be a much more modest challenge where everyone's a winner. If you manage to grow a bulb of garlic next year, you're a winner! But if you want, we can have some "official" categories. Size and flavour, maybe we can include the best looking bulb?

See these two link for useful advice and info for growing your own garlic:





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