We usually garden the first Sunday of every month at 2pm. The beds are towards the far end of the platform. In between, I hope this will be an easy way for us to keep track of the watering: when it was last watered, how many cans, in which beds etc....

If a willing volunteer passes through the station and it needs watering, maybe they could take 15mins to water some of the plants.

If you would like to help water the plants, you need to ask to speak to the station supervisor and make yourself known as a member of the Transition group, or more likely just say you were involved in planting up the beds and need access to water them. (I've not yet run into the same supervisor twice)

Also ask them to unlock the Mess room on the platform - Inside this room is a deep sink with a tap, and two watering cans under the work surface. Once you've been up and down the platform as many times as you can manage, just let the staff know on your way out that they can lock up again.

And then please update this discussion when you can and let us know how much water you gave to which beds.

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On that note, I last watered on Wed afternoon, around 4pm. approx. 2 cans water in each of the 4 beds. I think it's needing more today. Any volunteers?

I'll will be checking anyway and will report back on what's been done and still needs doing. :-)

Hi there - I came through Kilburn station this afternoon and it looks brilliant...  really fantastic.

But it does look like it is needs some water in this weather.

How does watering work? is there access to a tap and cans on the platform - or do people have to carry water from somewhere else?  How do people get access to the platform to water?

Also wondering if you've spoken to Chris about getting some signs done to explain to people how to get involved and what its all about?

Great job though

George x

Thanks for the feedback George. I've just updated the discussion with details of how to access the beds and where watering cans and taps are etc.

Signs are being worked on and should be ordered and in place soon. It has details of the TT K2K group, and my email if people want to get involved.

I'm planning to be at Kilburn station Saturday morning at 10am to water the plants. If anyone has a spare 15mins and wants to join me, please feel free.

I can pop up and water on Monday at about 12.30. Will do so unless I hear someone else is doing it, or it's raining (which seems possible according to the forecast ...)


I use Kilburn Station often and it's so great to see the apple trees there! Maggie

What great rain we had this weekend. And it was very much needed. Maggie, glad you like the apple tree. Makes some difference, doesn't? Thanks for your offer to help water. We may need some help later this week if you are or anyone else is available. (depending on the weather)

I was there on Saturday morning and watered all the beds. As a helpful guide, there were two of us, and it took about an hour. We had two extra watering cans that we took along, and we gave each bed 8 watering cans (I would say that the usual minimum would be 4 cans per bed, but they were very dry).

Please bear in mind that the watering cans we have on the station are 6litres and 10litres respectively. The distance between the beds and the water source is longer than you'd think if you usually visit the station without a 10kg bag.... Not that I'm trying to put anyone off, but working in pairs is good, even three's - one person can fill up the cans (which takes time) for two people carrying and watering.


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