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Capital City Academy

The solar PV installation at Capital City Academy has been running since June 17 and they will be reaping the benefits of reduced electricity bills in the region of £15,000 p.a. There are still some details to be sorted out like a display system in reception to show solar data, etc. and an export power purchase agreement. After that we'll carry on with our next project or two.  Possibilities are Preston Manor school Wembley, Gladstone Park school and Willesden sports centre.  Ideally, we go…


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Brent Pure Energy - update

If any of you reading this work at, have contacts or influence at these places, please get in touch with me:

Alperton, ARK Elvin, Capital City, JFS, Kilburn Park, Kingsbury, Leopold, Michaela, Preston Manor, Wembley primary,  Wykeham  (Schools)  Wembley High Technology College

Chalkhill, Lonsdale, Wembley Health & Care, (Medical/Community centres)

Willesden Sports Centre

Now read on to find out why.....

Our first installation on Queens…


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Energy Coop Blues

Following on from my last post (hopefully not the Last Post!), finally met with the decision makers at Preston Manor School, Wembley: Head, Chair of Governors, Business and Site managers. I presented our offer (Saving on electricity of around £2700 a year, no cost to school, 5% to investors) and got some awkward questions in return.  What if a child were to climb on the solar roof and get injured? What if a hurricane were to blow a panel off and damage people or property? (answer: our…


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Brent Energy Coop

Just wanted to let you all know that there is an Energy Coop functioning in Brent!

A group of us from TTKTK and Brent FOE started meeting about 18 months ago responding to FOE's campaign to get local schools to 'Run on Sun'.  (i.e install Solar PV panels) We looked at the various ways of raising funds, ranging from local council money (no chance with the cut-backs) through donations (as e.g. organised by 10:10) to forming a Coop, which we have done. I attended a meeting…


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G-wiz for sale

G-wiz for sale. 5 years old. 12,500 miles. New batteries at 9900 miles. One owner. £ 2900 ono. (as you all know, electric cars pay no road tax or congestion charge and are cheap to run - 4p/mile)

Contact Nick Hartley 8969 9030

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