Following on from my last post (hopefully not the Last Post!), finally met with the decision makers at Preston Manor School, Wembley: Head, Chair of Governors, Business and Site managers. I presented our offer (Saving on electricity of around £2700 a year, no cost to school, 5% to investors) and got some awkward questions in return.  What if a child were to climb on the solar roof and get injured? What if a hurricane were to blow a panel off and damage people or property? (answer: our insurance would cover all of these and no, the child shouldn't have been on the roof in the first place!)  What if the panel mounting damages the sealed flat roof causing leaks (has happened to them before)?  The neighbours on Carlton Avenue East might complain at the appearance of the panels or reflections of  the floodlights from them. Apparently this has been an issue before and aforementioned lights must now be switched off after 9 pm.   I answered as well as I could and sent them insurance details and a list of 50 schools with solar panels the next day, but all to no avail, they decided against the project the following day. No specific reason given.

It seems there are people like us who recognise the need for bold action to alleviate climate change, then there are the deniers, fewer of them now, but dangerous. That leaves the vast majority in between who  bury their heads in the sand, acknowledging it's a big problem, too big for them to act on or do anything about, but nonetheless unwilling to change their lifestyles or purchasing choices in order to reduce their Carbon footprint; who feel the need to buy a large 4WD and impress the neighbours rather than renewable technology or energy-saving appliances or insulation. Or maybe reduce the number of flights they make.  How do we get through to them?  It's particularly worrying when school staff are among that group. I don't think pupils or parents at PMS would be impressed by their leaders' decision.

Anyway, we're going ahead with QPCS. Hopefully a share offer in March and installation late July.  In the meantime there is much discussion on how to make solar pay at the current minimal 4.5 p/kWh FIT + sales at 6.5 p.  Watch this space.

Best Wishes, Nick

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