At our stand on Queen's Park Day people were invited to stick labels on a large scale map of the Kensal Rise to Kilburn area describing some of the things they've done, or hope will happen to make our area a better place to live.

Here are some of our collective achievements, hopes and dreams -

Already here :
Willesden Cemetery – Tombstones Apiary locally made honey
Willesden Cemetery – Salusbury School Green Space, growing fruit , veg and flowers and having fun outdoors.
Callcott Road – Growing delicious food on my roof and picking apples in my local streets
Tiverton Road – Herb garden on balcony, potatoes in front garden
Dean Road – Bio-diverse green roof
Dyne Road – Vegetables grown in front garden including potatoes, onions, sprouts, tomatoes
Dyne Road and Plympton Road– Chickens and eggs !
Willesden Lane – Growing veg
Growing veg and running a food co-op from our front room
Purves Road – I love my green roof on my shed and I grow herbs and wildflowers on it!
Fruit in gardens for sharing – Willesden resident
Apples fall from my next door garden and I put them out for anyone to take. There must be loads of fruit trees in the area to share the fruit.

Hopes :
Get PCHA to turn over some land for allotments
Vertical gardens on end walls
Neighbourhood guerrilla gardening on waste spots
Vegetable gardens in Queen’s Park
Allotments in Tennis Club gardens
Subsidies to turn paved gardens into green gardens
Good advice on energy saving for those in rented accommodation
Subsidies for solar panels!
Kids cycle circuit on old Tiverton tennis courts
A permanent bike project at the back of the State Bingo Best
Cycle paths to town and school
Green activity space
The hope that The Special Yoga Centre continues as a place of peace for most people
Goats for cheese

Dreams :
Less cars, less cars, less cars!!!
Wind farms in high places
Less Fried Chicken shops!

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