Lexi September Film Night - Engagement, inspiration and activities brain storm.

At the meeting following the first TT K to K film night at The Lexi on the 16th September George Latham asked everyone to think about two things :
1 What can we do to keep you engaged in TT K to K?
2 What kind of events or activities would you like to see happen under the Transition Town banner?

Thank you for all your diverse, inspired and inspiring responses.

Question 1
Keep in touch – email; Website
Someone to give event news to, to help advertise bike stuff
Sharing email lists to help publicise events
Plenty of notice and reminders
Regular emails
Monthly email listing all events including asking for help on one-off events so I can support as and when I can
Monthly email newsletter summarising progress, telling me about events etc
Outreach to existing local groups
Find ways to make things inclusive
More people to spread the load
Keep meeting at this club
Offer us something practical we can do in the near future
No committee meetings lasting longer than an hour!
Can we do the meeting on a Tuesday? (Wednesday is tennis night)
Continuity of key TT personnel for at least a year would make me feel that Transition Towns are here to stay and inspire commitment (contrary to ‘fluid model’)
Keep us informed and set clear targets to which we can contribute
Smaller discussion groups
Specific projects to be involved in
Social events
Activities that are enjoyable, participatory, anyone can dip into and get some sense of satisfaction out of.
Create imaginative, energetic forums to generate ideas/local action focused groups
Keep it fun, inclusive and real! Inspiration is contagious. Get the whole family involved. Young people are the adults of tomorrow. Include us please
It’s got to be fun and inclusive – all ages. Film night – good, green drinks – good, food share nights
Interesting talks
Keep regular meeting with a theme – energy/food/waste/transport/local shopping/ housing
More things for kids – educating – the youn’uns will improve our future
Form a beekeeping association and provide training for novices – there’s a huge acreage of gardens in Kensal Rise
Be involved and ‘do’ things – work towards a goal
More films!
Find a space for a community allotment
I need a clearer idea of the “vision” i.e. how it will build up and lead to real change
More films and guest speakers to inform and inspire
Green Drinks! Get –togethers with exciting/innovative organic local food! Annual K to K lunches; Workshops/courses; clothes/goods swaps
More film nights; more locally focussed events like these; practical events focussed on doing something practical whilst talking about local environmental issues
Get some youth groups involved, I don’t want to be the only kid, and it opens a new level to the perspective spectrum
Cider +
Green Drinks!
Get volunteer teenagers to babysit for supper and a DVD – or family inclusive meetings
To be involved/participate in food group
More films
Widen area to include cross council boundary, North Westminster which also calls itself Queen’s Park
Doing things and not just talking (like green drinks idea too!)
Keep going!

Question 2
Bike trailer hire; permanent bike project
More cycle lanes and cycle parking
Safe cycle routes
Get and ride a bike with my children
Reduce car use
More dedicated cycle lanes
Bulk-buying of bike sheds/lockables for front of houses
Pedestrianise a specific area
More re-distribution of kids’ bikes
Car free area
To get proper cycle lanes!!!!!
Positive incentives to use public transport
More encouragement for walkers and walking (opening up car short cuts, alleyways, paths)
Zip cars
One side of the street parking
More cycling, less cars!
Organise a 24hour stoppage of all motor vehicle traffic in a defined area of the town (allow access for emergency vehicles only and perhaps electric cars)
For those of us who have chosen to/been forced to send our kids to schools outside the area, organise more car sharing
Encourage people to garden in unused gardens
You can have my front garden to grow stuff in
More front gardens; pressure/encourage them and deter ‘cross-overs’
Set up a group for plant cuttings taken from collective gardens to grow and plant in everyone’s gardens
Guerrilla gardening and vertical gardening to lower the urban temperature
Fruit trees in Best 11 streets
More tree planting in street
Garden in the Willesden Cemetery
More allotments
Encourage me to do the basic things in my house I never get round to (draught exclusion etc). Maybe show me how – or let me tour a house in the neighbourhood where that stuff has been done well
Good information re. local value for money double –glazing/solar panels/ insulation and grants for all of these
Low energy street lighting
Put up a wind turbine on Tiverton Green (crossed out with NO not a green idea)
Survey everyone in K to K to see who needs /or might need a new boiler and then bulk buy at a massive discount!
Work with people living in conservation area on energy efficiency and keeping the character of the area
Work with housing partnerships to push for better maintained/insulated social housing (and ban motorcycle take-away deliveries)
Lobby council to utilise empty shop space on Kilburn High Road etc...
Brent rationalising commercial rubbish
More food markets
More consumption of local goods – no more strawberries from South Africa or wine from Argentina! Bee keeping & local honey
A fruit exchange at the farmer’s market for the stuff that drops off my fruit trees and I’m too busy to ripen
One meat free Brent day a week across schools, restaurants etc...
Grow more food in the area
Lexi happy to provide space for veggie growing in car park
Learn about local food production – grow your own
A stall at Queen’s Park market created out of our K to K produce
Support locally grown foods, organic when possible, use local shops; stop shopping in supermarkets or reduce spending your pounds; pot luck picnics
Blood donor sessions in Queen’s Park
Free Swap – exchange of goods – voucher for everything given to exchange for something you need
Work in schools, because although that’s what I’m trying to do – as a teenager it’s hard to get anywhere so tap into the rich investment of the minds of the future
Cherish and nurture existing groups, encourage them to contribute in the best possible way that makes sense to them
Tell people about the Ringing Cedars series of books. ‘Anastasia’ deeply moving me to action – www.ringingcedars.co.uk
We should all support QPR
Better publicity for existing sustainability initiatives – Brent Freecycle; Farmers Market; Allotments
Bring a bottle local drinks party (every quarter)
Local micro brewery
Nicer local businesses in Kilburn and Willesden

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Comment by Michael Stuart on October 16, 2009 at 20:06
For question 2: a LETS or timebank scheme - local time and skills exchange

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