We kicked out the crazy tree felling lay-by on Chamberlayne Road, but sadly that's not the end of it - Brent want to improve traffic flow.

I would like to start a discussion about how best to solve the issue from our perspective, and then pass this onto Brent to review / consult on / implement.

the council say:
'The majority of frontages on Station Terrace are retail premises. Buses are frequently delayed
by vehicles parked in the area and by vehicles that are legally permitted to load and unload. The
existing bus stop and stand arrangement do not meet the need for current volume of buses in
the area. Bus Nos. 28, 302 and 452 travel through a lengthy route along Dagmar
Gardens/Linden Avenue and stop at the southern arm of Station Terrace. It has become
necessary to reduce congestion currently being caused in this area.' 

An idea i had is to have terminating buses stop at a different stop, eg around the corner on Dagmar Gardens, or on Station Terrace outside the Station or a bit further West ... an idea, what do you think?

It's easy to say no to council plans, but to engage with them should yield the most favourable outcome for all of us. Below are the consultation documents. I have talked to Ruben Beshirian today who seems open to suggestions by letter.

Let's get some ideas flowing!.....

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I live right near Station Terrace and walk past the buses all the time. I don't see them getting delayed by other vehicles, I see other vehicles getting delayed by them actually..

Not sure what you mean by "further West" ? And if they stop anywhere ON Dagmar Gardens, nobody will ever be able to get through - I'm constantly delayed when I have to follow them round this bit. They are also very noisy and don't turn off their engines..

I think the situation as it is is the best way to handle it. Not very helpful I know..
ok, so Dagmar Gardens is too narrow and residential.....

How about terminating buses don't stop outside Tesco and instead let their passengers off on Station Terrace near the station where they also already terminate / hopefully turn off their engines....

This would not change the flow of buses and would remove some stationary buses from outside Tesco, hopefully aiding flow (of all traffic) - and would be very cheap to implement...


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