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Benefit film night this Friday to save Brent Libraries

Dear All, this is my first blog so I hope it works. A friend of mine supports the campaign to stop Brent from closing local libraries, which is of course dear to the hearts of Transition Folk. We seem to use them a lot, both as borrowers and as venues, so I hope that you will come along to the film if you can. I'll be there and it would be great to meet some of you afterwards for a drink. Let me know if you plan to come and we can wear distinctive clothing, or something.

\uaspan… Continue

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Tiverton Green Regeneration

Tiverton Rejuvenation: After 26 years of neglect, there is now a plan to renovate the old tennis courts on Tiverton Green. The new facilities will lift the Green and give a real boost to the area. They will give your children somewhere safe to ride their bikes and skate, play football, basketball,…


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Learning to cycle on Roads...

If you are 50 plus and have always dreamed of being able to cycle
confidently on the road
London cycling campaign are funding a course at the Castlehaven Road
Centre in Camden Town which consists of 5 weekly sessions starting in
August. The cost is £10 to attend the course .
Telephone 0207 234 9317 to book a place
Spaces are still availalble

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Initiating Group July Minutes

Initiating Group minutes – Transition Kensal to Kilburn 18/07/11


Present – Elaine Henderson, Careen Hertzog, Michael Stuart, Chris Wells, John Smith, George Latham


  • John and Miko have both been talking about setting up a food box delivery scheme.  Miko is taking this forward and has set up a questionnaire on the website.
  • Chris was at the Transition Network conference in Liverpool at the beginning of July and fed back on some of his insights/…

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Food Group July meeting minutes


TUESDAY 19 July at William Dunbar/Saville Meeting Room

Chair: Michael, Minutes: Jen and Marjory

Present: Michael, Marjory, Jen, Heather, Miko and Molly

Apologies: Ash and sorry there may have been others but I didnt catch who they were

Guest Speaker: Catherine from River of Flowers

River of Flowers

Guiding Ethos:

. Plant to encourage pollinators which are vital in pollinating food

. Grow flowers, both…


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Free clean jam jars

In jam-making mode?


Lots of lovely clean jam jars, with lids, on offer.

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Transition Streets... making it really local...

This is the website for Transition Streets - started in Totnes:

But I liked hearing how one Transition Street group got on... I've copied and pasted from the website below:


Jo explains how her group went from strength to strength

The TTT leaflet fell through my door one morning in mid March 2010.  It was…


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Initiating Group June Meeting minutes

Initiating Group Meeting Minutes – 28/6/11


Present – Careen, David, Nadezhda, Michael, Elaine, Viv

Apologies – Chris and John


  • We discussed venues for the AGM.  We haven’t been able to arrange a date and film through the Lexi.  Other venues discussed were the Tin Tabernacle, The Constitution Club, St Anne’s Church and the Paradise Pub.  The Tin Tabernacle is a possible future venue, but we haven’t been able to arrange this in time.  Father Fergus…

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Bees in the cemetery update 30 June11


\uap>Thursday 30th of June


\uap>On Sunday when we checked the bees we found a minor engineering problem in our second hive. The first (swarm) hive has settled in well and nearly covered all the frames with a text book combination of food and brood. However, the second hive of reared black bees came on standard sized National foundation frames. This means that when we put them in our deep brood boxes there was some space underneath. Naturally the… Continue

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Brent Council's Green Charter

Brent Council has just launched a consultation on this year's Green Charter (my italics). The consultation period runs until the 4th of August and details can be found at the following snappily-titled url:

I expect you'll be able to pick up a copy at the next area…


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June Buildings and Energy Group meeting minutes

Minutes of Buildings and Energy Group         Thursday 16th June  8-10pm                  20 Hopefield Avenue


Present:   Nick Hartley (hosting), Sarah Nicholl (from Belsize TT), Phil Leask, Siobhan Cross, Marina V (post-graduate Environmental Technologies student), Alex Groszek (Trainee Architect).

Apology for absence:   Tom Wright


Our 3rd meeting.


Alex mentioned some very useful websites: …


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June Food Group meeting minutes

Food Group meeting June 15th 2011


Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn Present: Heather, John S, Maggie, Marjory, Matthew, Michael, Miko, Sanchia, Taaliba


Veg box scheme

John presented his idea of getting veg delivered by a farmer from within 30-40 miles, volunteers breaking the delivery down and either a collect or simple delivery. Pointed to Stoke Newington as a success (600 customers) and suggested South…


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veg box notes

Hi All,


Thought I'd put up some veg box notes about what I've found out and who I've talked to so far...


not-for-profit (? 3-5 full time + some part time paid + lots volunteers)

been around 10…


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Queens Park Book Fair - Book Swap

At the Queens Park Book Fair on June 11th we ran a Book Swap event. We had hundreds of booked donated and hundreds of books taken.


\uap>One book that was donated was found and signed by the author Ma Jian himself!  We also ran a Desert Island Books submission.  We've captured the results and loaded in to a photo album:

\uap>Link to Ning photo… Continue

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Offers: Seven medium-sized bags of topsoil

After a hearty weekend of gardening, my downstairs neighbour is now left with about seven medium-sized recycling bags filled with topsoil.


It's up for grabs but bear in mind it will need a bit of tender loving care and some mixing with manure before it'll be good to use.


If anyone's interested, it's available for immediate collection from Kilburn (but you must have your own transport).


Get in touch with me if you'd like to have…


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Manufacturing skills and facilities preservation project

Hi all,


I wanted to ask you about an idea I've had about what to do with a diminishing trade that I think has a potential role to play in reviving the local skills and economy.  There are some manufacturing premises in the area, producing scientific equipment that for over 30 years has been exported to companies large and small around the world.


Essentially my idea is to find local apprentices that would be interested in training at the premises (possibly…


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Initiating Group meeting minutes – Mon 16th May 2011

Initiating Group meeting minutes – Mon 16th May 2011


Attending: Careen Hertzog, Elaine Henderson, Nadezhda Rojas, Chris Wells, John Smith, George Latham, Michael Stuart.

  • Firstly with thanks to David Young, who is going to step down from the Initiating Group for the moment in order to concentrate on the BeeKeeping Group and the 5-ways community allotment.
  • John is considering setting up a vegetable box scheme in the Carlton Vale area. He has…

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Buildings and Energy Group meeting minutes - May

Minutes of Buildings and Energy Group   held   Tuesday 17th May 8-10pm


Present:  Tom Wright, Phil Leask, Nick Hartley, Siobhan Cross, George Latham, Armstrong Yakubu



Actions arising:


1)      To produce a leaflet on energy saving (see below).  Nick, Tom, Siobhan.  Chris Wells to help with design.…


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Brent Solidarity Group

We are a group of individuals wh live or work in the borough of Brent. We are a non heirical, non political party or union. We beleive that by direct democracy, mutual aid, co operation and solidarity we can take back control of our lives and communities. We do not have leaders, our group decisions are made by group consensus. We are opposed to all forms of authoritarianisim,capitalisim,racisim,gender/sexual bigotry and intolerance. We welcome like minded individuals to get involved and active… Continue

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