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Satish Kumar and Polly Higgins at Queen's Park Books 17th July

This was a great event, which I wrote up for Queen's Park Books website

Please read about it and Resurgence magazine there.

Lots of us were there from the group - we should have been wearing the t-shirts though!  The shop was packed, which shows what interest there is locally in activities such as ours, but quite a few members of the audience hadn't heard of us. …


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I have several bags of chopped up wood from felled trees and an old shed roof which would be suitable for burning in a wood stove or making a log pile. They are in my front garden, bagged and ready for taking away. Just let me know if you would like them.  Marjory

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"I have bought a Maypole from Tradamis- . I will happily lend it out in exchange for some instruction on directing dance."…

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Babyhood - film


This project was born out of my experiences of having my first child, and how much it made me question myself and everything i thought was normal.

I couldn't help but be drawn to reading books looking at parenting practices, and deciphering them was hard. I started to realise that we (mothers and fathers) don't trust ourselves anymore to do the…


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A studio space to rent - beautiful high natural light


I am looking to rent out my studio space on Loveridge Road, NW6 for at least 2 months, maybe more..

There is 1200 sq ft of high natural lit studio space shared between 3 other wonderful artists (one of whom is only part-time). There is one space available to be used 24/7 if needed. There is a small kitchen and sitting area with mini library! 

Please get in touch to arrange a viewing. It is available from 20th March.

£300 pounds…


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Regarding knitting classes at Kilburn Library

Unfortunately the classes are no longer available at Kilburn (or Kensal as it is closed) although they did run quite successfully for 2 years or so.

I no longer work there but I did approach the library to see if I could continue with the class anyway,sadly they have turned me down because of the impending May apparently.

However, I would still be glad to run the class somewhere...any suggestions for locations and times?

I do have time on my…


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Free lawn fertiliser

We have a couple of bags of strong smelling lawn fertiliser to give away at the South Kilburn allotment that was left over from 10 years ago. If interested please email michael dot stuart6 at or turn up Wednesday between 2.30 and 4.30

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Free reusable timber, old Feather Edge Fence panels to give away in Dollis Hill

I have just renewed my fence.  The old one is sitting in my front garden and is there for anyone who needs a supply of timber for raised beds etc. Some of it has rotted but much is still useful.  If you'd like it please just come and take it from my garden at 35 Fleetwood Road NW10

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Bee keeping photograph project.

Hi my name is Mike.

I am starting a project photographing bee keepers and bees themselves.

The project is about the mutual respect between the keeper and the bee, showing the beauty of the collection of honey and the care you put in collecting it. 

This is partly an issue-based project, due to the worldwide problems Apiarist are facing with the loss of Honey Bee Colonies, mainly associated with environment and climate factors, leading to the colony collapse disorder…


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London Transition Groups Gathering

Careen, Chris, Viv and I headed down to City Hall on 1st December for the London Transition Groups Gathering.  Short presentations on London Low Carbon Communities - which I think we should join - RE:NEW (which aims to make homes more energy efficient) and by a couple…


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Food group minutes - October 2011

Food group meeting

20th October 2011


Present: Marjory, Michael (part), Miko, Sanchia


While eating some very nice food….


Queens Park day apple pressing

Agreed we need more ‘talkers’ explaining what it’s about (and this applies to Transition events generally). Other suggestions are to have a map of local fruit trees; have a banner / sign / poster explaining harvesting; having more leaflets out…


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AGM notes

Transition Town AGM

On September 22nd we held our AGM as part of the visioning evening at St.

Anne's. The Initiating Committee was disbanded and re-elected to include

John Smith (Chair) George Latham (Secretary) and David Young (Treasurer).

The members of the core group are Elaine Henderson, Careen Hertzog, Nadia

Rojas, and Michael Stuart. Any local Transition members who'd like to join

the Initiating Group were and are invited to speak to existing members…


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Sweet Chestnut Foraging

If you travel through Hyde Park there is a beautiful avenue of Sweet Chestnut trees (about a hundred) just north of the Rotten Row cycle path and just south of the Serpentine. They are ripe and ready. Take leather gloves for plucking them off the tree and roll the husks under foot to get the nuts out. I got a carrier bag full on Tuesday. The only other pickers were some Italian building workers in their lunch hour and the Serpentine geese are foraging too. Follow the geese for the trees where… Continue

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Local bee keeper looking for a large garden or similar

I am a Kensal Rise beekeeper, looking for somewhere suitable to site some hives - an overgrown garden with direct access would be ideal - in return for delicious local organic honey !


Anyone interested - please would you e mail me ?


Thank you


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Apple cake recipe

This is the recipe of an apple cake I baked on Thursday for Kensal to Kilburn TT public meeting. 

-200 gr to 320 gr of peeled and deseeded apples cut in small pieces…

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Benefit film night this Friday to save Brent Libraries

Dear All, this is my first blog so I hope it works. A friend of mine supports the campaign to stop Brent from closing local libraries, which is of course dear to the hearts of Transition Folk. We seem to use them a lot, both as borrowers and as venues, so I hope that you will come along to the film if you can. I'll be there and it would be great to meet some of you afterwards for a drink. Let me know if you plan to come and we can wear distinctive clothing, or something.…


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Tiverton Green Regeneration

Tiverton Rejuvenation: After 26 years of neglect, there is now a plan to renovate the old tennis courts on Tiverton Green. The new facilities will lift the Green and give a real boost to the area. They will give your children somewhere safe to ride their bikes and skate, play football, basketball,…


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Learning to cycle on Roads...

If you are 50 plus and have always dreamed of being able to cycle
confidently on the road
London cycling campaign are funding a course at the Castlehaven Road
Centre in Camden Town which consists of 5 weekly sessions starting in
August. The cost is £10 to attend the course .
Telephone 0207 234 9317 to book a place
Spaces are still availalble

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